Premachined Tool Steels from Stock

Premachined Bars - European Tool Steels

European Tool Steels are stockholders of premachined tool steel bars (ground on all four faces) producing totally decarburisation free bars in a wide range of sizes in most popular tool steel grades.
Bars ground on width and thickness offer advantages over bars with sawn edges cut from plate because we produce bars with guaranteed size and squareness tolerances that provide you with datum faces to commence final machining operations.
Our partners Bartsch GmbH of Germany are Europe’s largest stockholders of premachined tool steels which enables us to keep large stocks of raw material and finished ground bars in our warehouse near Sheffield.   This means we can offer rapid delivery on the most popular sizes, backed up by their stocks from which we can deliver directly to you within five working days.
Our bars are competitively priced on a published “per piece” basis which enables you to determine exactly how much you will be paying, unlike other materials which are priced on a “per kilo” basis which means the price you pay depends on the weight shipped when received.
Click on the links below for each steel quality to view our range of standard stock sizes and price lists.

High Quality Premachined Tool Steels from stock