Premachined Tool Steels from Stock

Silver Steel - European Tool Steels

Fully interchangeable with the UK standard BS1407 Silver Steel, our Silver Steel is the European Standard W1,2210, or DIN 115CrV3, which has the added benefit of a small but significant addition of Vanadium.
Vanadium, being a strong carbide former, enhances wear resistance and in low levels it has the benefit of increasing toughness over the more traditional UK standard product and produces a finer grain structure.
We stock the more popular sizes of water hardening Silver Steel in one metre lengths.
Click on the link below to view our data sheet and price list for diameters stocked.
To view the stock range and for pricing of our oil hardening O1 silver steel and air hardening D2 precision ground rounds click on the Rounds button below:

High Quality Premachined Tool Steels from stock